Social Impact

Laura Vicuna Foundation

The Laura Vicuña Foundation was established in 1990 to help street children get the proper protection and care that they need.  The program is funded through different partnerships from the Philippines and abroad. 

This year Kabataan Culture has started a partnership to the program where we will help with aid throughout the year with food, clothing and educational need drops for the residence program as well as the clinics that they hold throughout the Philippiness.

(Teacher Allana Autor of Kabataan Culture giving the girls in residency each their own Pandemic Survival Kit)

To learn more about The Laura Vicuña Foundation please visit

Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation

The Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation started with a single post on facebook about children in Zamboanga who were seen traveling on foot cutting through rivers so that they may be able to go to school. The foundation was establish to help children and families with supplying them with paddle boats so that they may be able to get to school dry and properly get educated by volunteers and teachers.

Today the Yellow Boat of Hope foundation has garnered help from different organizations and Hope paddlers to build boats and schools in different regions of the Philippines and has helped thousands of families along the way.

Kabataan Culture has partnered up with Yellow Boat this past June to donate 5 Paddle Boats by this years end to continue the efforts of the foundation. The funds that were raised to donate to foundation was collected with the help of the Filam Community and Friends through the Kabataan Culture 1 Year Anniversary Philippine Fiesta Event, through ticket sales and sponsorships which was held in Bellflower, California on June 12.

 (pictured above: January Obciana (Kabataan Culture COO), Teacher Clarissa, Marianne De Castro-Miralles (Kabataan Culture CEO), Justyne Obciana, Jason Bonaga (YBH-USA), Jennifer Sotto ( YBH-CPA) at the Kabataan Culture Philippine Fiesta, June 12, 2022

Mr. Jason Bonaga, YBH-USA VP for External Linkage and Ms. Jennifer Sotto, CPA came out to the Fiesta and shared with the community about the projects that Yellow Boat has completed in the Philippines with the help of other Hope Paddlers and Ambassadors around the world and spoke to those in attendance about the commitment of the volunteers that make the foundation thrive and be successful. 

Children at the event were given the opportunity to learn how to fold their own yellow boat using yellow paper while also learning about the foundations efforts.

***Donations from the Philippine Fiesta Event will be awarded to Yellow Boat of Hope this December***

To learn more about the Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation please visit

 Schools & Companies

If you would like to offer a Filipino enrichment program in your campus or city our organization offers In-Person or Private Distance learning classes.  Please contact Ms. Mari-Anne Miralles

 Fiscal Sponsorship Opportunities

If you are a nonprofit who is starting out and are awaiting your 501c recognition,

Kabataan Culture offers a Model C Fiscal Sponsorship to organizations that are interested.

For more information please contact our organization by email.

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