Kabataan Culture

Filipino Enrichment Program

A nonprofit organization

Our program provides a platform for children and their families to learn about the Filipino culture. With the help of our teachers, they will acquire the confidence to speak Tagalog and gain knowledge about the heritage and traditions of the Filipino people.

Students will be fully immersed in the rich history of the Philippines and will complete each program with a desire to learn more about the story of the Filipinos and the 7,640 islands that make up the country.

Usap Tayo!

What We Offer


Group Classes

Small class size. Limit to 5 students per session. Students are placed in age groups and reading abilities.









Sibling Classes

Semi-private experience with their siblings or other family members. Class size is limited to 2-3 children. Flexible to fit your family’s schedule










 Private Classes

Individualized attention during classes. Flexible to fit your family’s schedule.

What People Are Saying

” Both my husband and I are Filipinos, but were born here in LA. While we understand some of the language, we don’t know how to speak it. Which is why with our child, we wanted to take it to the next level and have him learn it!”



” My daughter is half Filipino. It’s important to me as a parent to share my heritage with her and that includes teaching her my native language. Being able to understand and speak Tagalog will help her connect and communicate with our families back home and knowing a second language will also help her gain confidence, make friends, and possibly advance her career in the future.”

Leica P.


” My husband and I decided to register our children to learn a third language. We understand the impact of multilingualism will have on our children’s cognitive development. We enjoy seeing our children immerse themselves in Filipino culture as they learn the language. We recommend Kabataan Culture to all parents who want to raise cultured individuals”

Lorena A.


Yellow Boat of Hope Boat Donation – Dec. 2022
Kabataan Culture donated 2 boats that were built for the students and families of Dungon Elementary School in Tongkil, Sulu.
They will serve as the main transportation for the kids going to and from school and also help with their families’ livelihood, mainly fishing.

Funds donated to Kabataan Culture go directly to the continued programming of our organization and the foundations that we help in the Philippines.

Upcoming Events

The Barrio @SXSW

Join Kabataan Culture in Austin, Texas as we launch our National Campaign in promoting Filipino Cultural programming for all. 

Kabataan Culture has teamed up with Teofilo Coffee Company, So Janelle and Filipina On The Rise on the Inaugural The Barrio @SXSW.

This event will bring FilAm Creatives from all industries to amplify community members who have been successful in each of their fields. 

Together with local community members in Austin, this event will benefit Kabataan Culture programming and support Teofilo Coffee Company in their efforts to support Coffee farmers in the Philippines and bring quality coffee beans from the mother land. 


Not sure which program to enroll?

Set up an assessment for your child or yourself so that our team can guide you to which program will work best for you. We can also answer any questions you may have. Email us at info@kabataanculture.org