About Us

Our classes centers around the fundamentals of speaking the Filipino language and cater to those that are Non-Readers, Beginners, Intermediate and Advance speaking students of all ethnicity.

Our teachers, all of whom have a background in teaching the Filipino language are the heart of our program and will guide your child as they immerse themselves in their Filipino studies.

Each of our age specialized programs will  focus on topics that will have students speaking Tagalog from their first lesson.

Kabataan Culture believes the importance of having family members involved during the time that your child is in our enrichment program and encourage parents and guardians to join sessions, Tara Na, Usap Tayo!

*Learning a new language takes time and practice, and our organization believes that families encouraging their youth to practice their Tagalog words daily, will get their children speaking the language fluently in a short season.*



KABATAAN CULTURE envisions a community where Filipino culture and traditions are represented through public and private education.


KABATAAN CULTURE is a nonprofit organization that advances
Filipino culture through our enrichment programming. Together with families, schools and community partners, Kabataan Culture facilitates access and opportunities for quality Filipino studies online and in person in the United States. The help of our members and community completes our mission by providing educational aid to students in the Philippines and spread educational equity in the country.


Our organization’s values drive our work, our team, and our impact forward.

  • We embrace all culture and our differences from each other.
  • Community members are seen as an integral part to our students success.
  • We work as a team with our Teachers, Families and Community partners working towards our shared mission.
  • We are authentic, trustworthy and conduct our business with honesty and transparency