Ms. Marianne (Founder / CEO)

As the founder of Kabataan Culture, Ms. Mari-Anne saw that there was a need of a Tagalog language and Filipino Cultural programming in the community after she had difficulties trying to find a program for her young son. With her background in Early childhood and receiving her Masters Degree in Educational Leadership and Human Development she established Kabataan Culture. 

Working with children of all ages in the non-profit and private sector for the past 8 years, Ms. Mari-Anne created Kabataan Culture programming with the help of her co-founder at the early stages of Kabataan Culture, teaching the classes online and creating lesson plans for the program. 

Today Ms. Mari-Anne  continues to volunteer her time to Kabataan Culture by expanding community outreach through in-person events. She has connected Kabataan Culture to over 200 small businesses, large corporate sponsors and has partnered with organization by helping deliver culturally responsive programming, mental health workshops, and AAPI resources.

When not volunteering her time with the organization, she is either working full time for a nonprofit organization serving the AAPI community in Southern California, volunteering as the PTO President for her son’s school or enjoying time with her family and fur babies.

Ms. Clarissa (Secretary/ Teacher)

Known as “Teacher Clang” to the Kabataan Culture Family, Ms. Clarissa has been teaching children and kids at heart for the past 7 years.

She received her Bachelors degree in Elementary Education from the Philippines and has migrated here in the US with her husband and baby girl Clara, who is her youngest Tagalog student.

Teacher Clang is Kabataan Culture’s In-person teacher and also serves as the Secretary of the organization. She can be seen teaching the children at Kabataan Culture events and also selling merchandise for the organization.

She currently resides with her family in Temecula, California

Ms. Shiela (Teacher)

Kabataan Culture’s Philippine based teacher, Ms. Shiela has been part of the organization for almost 2 years. She is a licensed teacher in the Philippines and is fluent both in Ilonggo and in Tagalog.

She received her Bachelor in Secondary Education with a major in English at Polytechnic University of the Philippines Taguig Campus. 

Her first teaching experience was as an English Tutor to the Korean students who studied in the Philippines. After several months, she was hired at the Philippine Christian School of Tomorrow as an Elementary Teacher and moved up as Supervisor in her 15 years there. This is where she developed her teaching skills and love for kids.

When she is not teaching our Kabataan Culture kiddos online, she focuses her time on her family at home.

Teacher Sheila also enjoys watching movies and listening to music. 

Hyren Miralles (CFO)

Hyren is the newly elected CFO of Kabataan Culture. Though he has been in the background as a volunteer for the organization during its early stages, he is now dedicating time in helping find funding for future projects of the organization. His focus on building a stronger outreach in the community has helped the organization find national recognition media in the Filipino community. 

You can find Hyren at Kabataan Culture events as support for all vendors and community organizations who have come in to participate in Kabataan events.

Ms. Jan ( IT)

Co-Founder of Kabataan Culture, Ms. January joined Mari-Anne build Kabataan Cultures foundation in its early stages. Having the passion to keeping the Filipino Culture alive and a background in IT, Ms. Jan helped built Kabataan Cultures online platform.

Her experience in teaching goes back to working as a teacher at the Philippine Christian School of Tomorrow. Then later became a teacher for Kabataan Culture in it’s first year.

Ms. Jan migrated to the US in 2015 after marrying her Filipino husband who is based in LA. They now have 2 kids, who are both fluent in Tagalog despite being born in the US.

She works full time in the IT Department of a construction company in San Fernando as the Field Services Coordinator and is currently a volunteer for Kabataan Culture as an IT.

On her free time she enjoys spending time with her family, taking photos and home organization and decoration.

She also owns PicMe Photobooth with her husband.

Marie Dizon (Board Member)

A big supporter of Kabataan Culture in it’s early days. Marie continues to support the organization by enrolling her children in siblings and private lessons. Currently, she is part of owner of Teofilo Coffee Company located in Los Alamitos, where Kabataan Culture host cultural workshops some weekends.

Marie can sometimes be seen at the Kabataan Culture events helping out at our booths, providing information about our program.

Ron Dizon (Board Member)

Owner and Founder of Teofilo Coffee Company, Ron join the Kabtaan Culture team as a board member and helps with advicing with the nonprofit and fundraising side of the organization. 

His children are currently enrolled in the program and has been part of Kabataan Culture for 3 years. 

You can visit Teofilo Coffee Company in Los Alamitos or check out their website Teofilo Coffee Company 

to find out more information about their Philippine import coffee beans. 

Erika Cushman, RN, MSN (Board Member)

Helps Kabataan Culture through advertising events through social media and in person events.