What makes our Enrichment Program different from other Language and Enrichment Programs?

Each of our program is set up for success for all our students. We understand that it takes more than just 6 weeks and 30 minutes a lesson for a child to be able to hold their own conversation in a new language. That is why we have designed our programs where milestones have been placed in each level for a student to meet. Once they have reached the 6th session of each level their Teacher will give the student’s parent their child’s progress report and recommendations.

We also understand that each student learn at their own pace and that is why we give our parents the choice to decide if they want to continue their child to the next level or move them on to the next program if they wish to do so.


Bulinggit Program (Parent and Me)

Ages: 3 – 4 years old 

Reading Proficiency: Non-Readers

Tagalog Language Proficiency: Non-readers

Bulilit Program

Ages: 5 – 8 Years old

Reading Proficiency: Early Readers / Beginner & Elementary Readers

Tagalog Language Proficiency: Non/Some

Sampaguita Program

Ages: 8 – 10 Years old

Reading Proficiency: Elementary

Tagalog Language Proficiency: Non/Some

Gumamela Program

Ages: 10 – 13 Years old

Reading Proficiency: Elementary

Tagalog Language Proficiency: Non/ Some

Narra Program

Ages: 8 – 13 Years old

Reading Proficiency: Intermediate

Tagalog Language Proficiency: Some/ Intermediate

Teen/ Adult Programs

Kabataan Culture is not just meant for the children. We want to ensure that we open our doors to students of all ages that want to learn how to speak Tagalog and learn about our culture.

13 and Above 

Our Teen/Adult lessons are offered as One on One classes.